Creative Illusions Productions produces high quality media for entertainment,

corporate, business and academic needs in High-definition and standard-definition formats.

With more than 55 years of combined professional experience, we offer film and video production and post-production, visual effects and motion graphics for corporate presentations, Internet, kiosk / display, commercials, infomercials  and consultation.

Sorry - we do not record conferences or make wedding videos.

"Reputation makes reputation and reputation makes customers" - Elizabeth Arden

For over thirty years, John James has worked in all aspects of the television industry.  Producing, Directing and technical consulting  - among his achievements he was the first to develop the concept of an entertainer based infomercial, and helped launch the career of Stephen Paul aka “Esteban”.   Esteban’s concert video from that project was the top Billboard classical music video nationally for over 6 months.  He consulted and was senior video colorist for the Nickelodeon children's situation comedy "Hey Dude" for its very successful 3 season run.  He has senior video colorist on Primal Grill® with Steven Raichlen

Mr. James has lent technical assistance to numerous broadcast networks, sports coverage, olympic events and other national and international television media.  Mr. James has been technical advisor and senior video colorist at 6 MLB World Series, 5 Olympiads for the Olympic Committee and NBC television network.

Mr. James is a National Emmy Award winner.

John James - Producer / Director

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Steve Geist has edited, directed and shot so many commercials even he has lost track.  An innovator, Mr. Geist has lent technical expertise to the design of modern edit systems,  professional and consumer based entertainment systems as well as the design and building of professional production and studio facilities.

He has produced and directed so many film and video projects he says he dreams video and film.  His technical expertise is valued by advertising agencies and professional broadcast and video product producers world wide.

Mr. Geist supports community outreach for children with developmental handicaps including Autism and Hyperactivity and volunteers his time and skills to help public awareness to these and other disorders.

Mr. Giest has to many awards to list.

Steve Geist - Director / Editor